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What is an overview for a typical custom software project?

Below is what typically will happen but we are flexible to cater for any situation:

  • Review your requirements and business needs
  • Agree the aims of the project with you
  • Design a solution outline and create a requirements specification
  • Request our customer to review and approve the specification
  • Create a project plan with tasks clearly defined for our developers
  • As each task is completed we test the task is fully working
  • Provide regular progress updates
  • Beta test the whole solution
  • Delivery of the solution and re-testing and generate any required documentation

We use Teamwork project management system for all projects, Teamwork allows us to ensure each task is completed on time and is fully tested as we progress the project.

How are fees determined?

We can work on hourly rates or for clearly defined projects/tasks we can provide a fixed fee proposal or we can do a mix of both.

What support and warranty is provided?

We provide warranty for a period of 1 month from live operation or from when we have completed a project. Meaning if there is an issue that is within scope then we will resolve it for no fee.

If you have a question about what we have developed for you then we always welcome questions and we aim to respond within a day to queries. There is no charge for this.

If the support demand grows after a project is live then we would suggest we provide a support or maintenance type of agreement so we can better respond to any your needs.

When is support available?

We provide support between 0800 to 1700 UK and from 0800 to 1700 EST time during business days for projects, meaning we will see your request and we will assign it to the best person who will respond normally same day or within a day.

For server hosting we provide 24 hours support and monitor all systems every 5 minutes.

What is the minimum size for a project?

We have no minimum size. We have worked with large organizations and single person entities.

Can a non-disclosure agreement be signed?

Yes and we have a template NDA if you require one.

When project is completed who owns the software?

When the project is completed and fully paid you the customer own the software.

When project is completed are there ongoing license fees

No. We use open source software and what we develop is your property. If we need to add paid software to a system then we will let you know before we start and in this case you would need to pay the third party.

Example we developed a solution that required sending SMS messages and we selected an external provider for that, our customer agreed and pays the monthly fee for that service.

Is it possible to start and complete a project without face-to-face meetings?

Yes and this is very common for us, most of our customers we have never met in person. Some of our customers that we have never met have been using us for over 6 years.

Using phone and screen sharing it is very easy to set-up a meeting and communication by email is also possible for complete project interaction.

What types of software technology is used?

We create custom web apps using PHP and MySQL and all the related web technologies HTML(5), CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, XML JSON, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Node.js, Codeignitor, Laravel, Magento, WordPress, Joomla

We also use BrowserStack for testing and Teamwork project management system.

What if a project requires a software technology not used currently?

We would need to look to see if that technology fits with potential new projects and then take a view. If we agree then we would learn the new technology at no cost to you.

If lets say the technology you require us to know is a defunct one then we would reserve the right to charge for our time learning that old technology.

How long will a typical project take to be completed?

We find there are no such things as typical projects. If a small project is clearly defined then it could take a couple of weeks to complete.

Bigger projects can take up to 6 months or more, it really depends on the requirements and if any changes are requested after we have started.

With some projects there could be a dependency on our customers to provide elements for the project, like obtaining a payment gateway or content etc, if these are delayed then the project will take longer.

What is the Logic Replace Project Process?

Please see the section on our website “How we work with you

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