Booking applications have unique challenges in that each one is very different.

Due to the nature of event schedules these developments fall into their own category for Logic Replace.


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Booking Applications

Booking applications are more complex than most applications due to:

  • Booking schedules spanning large ranges of dates and times
  • Multi-user real time booking and provisional booking needs
  • Capacity planning
  • Multiple bookings at the same time for the same time slot
  • Complex testing requirements
  • Load testing
  • Unique requirements of our customers.

Logic Replace has extensive capability for your custom booking application.


Booking Platform

We have an internal booking platform that we use to help jump-start custom booking projects. The platform has the basic building blocks for a booking system.

We can use our booking platform as the foundation for your solution.


Booking Experience

As an example, we created a custom online booking platform for a world famous circus in Ireland. The circus booking system caters for many thousands of bookings each day and is also hosted by Logic Replace.
Other booking projects are covered by non-disclosure agreements.


Why Custom?

There are many booking plug-ins and they do a great job.

Many booking requirements are unique and in these cases a standard plug-in cannot fully meet all the needs of a business.

Therefore our custom booking development service is ideal to deliver a booking application that helps your business grow.

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“Having the task of building a bespoke booking system was initially a daunting one for me as I have very limited knowledge on most things technical. Logic Replace quickly put me at ease and I was confident they understood my vision. They explained everything in a way in which I understood. They updated me regularly and even gave video demonstrations. Logic Replace responded very quickly to any questions I had. The end product has exceeded my expectations. Thank you. ”

Phil Smith Director, Assault Your Senses Ltd, UK