Why Logic Replace?

How We Work With You

We are flexible in terms of how we work with you. The process can change depending on the size of the project. We will always explain and discuss the project process to you at the very start.

Below is a typical approach we follow.

Initial Meetings or Phone Calls or eMails

We have meetings or phone calls or email communication to discuss your requirements.

Determine Requirements and Proposal

Assuming you want us to create a proposal we will document the requirements in a proposal or a statement of work (SOW). This will identify the scope of our tasks, what we will do and our fees.

We request that you review the proposal and we can revise until you approve the proposal and needs. Note as the proposal is revised the fees due potentially change.

Assuming you select us to perform the development we generally request an initial deposit payment and then a final payment at the end or staged payments for larger projects. For smaller projects we can request payment in advance.

The details for payment schedule will always be detailed in the proposal or SOW.

System Design and Task Plan

We then establish how the system will work and will create detailed tasks that are assigned to our in-house developers to work on and to test.

Development and Testing

Our developers work on tasks in a logical sequence and perform testing as they complete each task. The project manager checks each task and either approves it or passes it back to the developer for resolution. Only when the project manager has approved a task is it closed and fully marked as completed.

The system is tested as a whole and checked by the project manager.

Customer Acceptance Testing

When the system is developed and tested we request that you review everything and provide feedback or approval.

If there are any in-scope issues then we resolve them for no fee within the warranty period.

Project Completed and Re-Testing

When everything is approved we make the system live and re-test.

Want To Talk?

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Plain English conversation is a promise. We will love to hear about your needs and give impartial advice.

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