Why Logic Replace?

Reasons to Choose Us

Selecting a development partner needs careful evaluation, you can be confident we will always understand your business and requirements.

Professional and Friendly Interface with Customers

We always go the extra mile to ensure all our communications with our customers are to the point, on topic and polite. We will always respect our customers and interface only in relation to the needs of their projects.

Impartial Approach

When working on projects we always have an impartial approach; meaning we will never make unnecessary recommendations to enable us to make more profit from a project. We will always work in the best interests of our customers.

An Excellent Business Understanding

Getting to understand our customer’s business is always very interesting and we have been told many times we are very quick to grasp an excellent understanding of customers’ operations.

Wide Range of Technical Skills

We have been in business a long time and we have built up a wide range of technical capabilities and skills that we can use to the benefit of your business.

Creative Problem Solving

Sometimes there are problems or there is a need to create a technical solution. We have an excellent capability to work on problems either in a logical way or a creative way.

Detail Handling and Testing

Looking after the small details is critical in a complex technical software development. It could be small details that our customers require or technical details, either way we use our project management tool, Teamwork, to help us to never forget about the details.

Our testing approach is extensive, we test everything as we progress with project tasks ensuring the system is working as it is built, saving time and enhancing the quality of what is developed.

Stable Operation Since 2007

We have been a stable business since we started in 2007, you can be confident we will always be available for our customers old and new.

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Plain English conversation is a promise. We will love to hear about your needs and give impartial advice.

UK London: 020 7183 4866

USA North Carolina: 727 483 7309

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